Top Signs You’ve Been in the Field


You have extremely lengthy conversations about food and “bodily functions.”

Human waste


For those with lighter skin tones, you sport the “raccoon look” - a highly attractive type of facial tan that you get when you wear sunglasses while being outside a lot.

Raccon look


You know all the words to your own music – and everyone elses’.


Your jacket looks like this.

Dirty jacket


You start noticing the parts of your body that don’t have bruises
instead of the parts of your body that do.


You don’t expect zippers to – you know – “work”

bad zippers


You respond to questions with a blank stare. When the question is repeated that changes to a dumb look. The third go round you need verification that the person is indeed talking to you.

which look is it


You think that this is a good hair day
(and no Josh isn’t using hair gel).

Good hair day