• Visit the NASA website and see an aerial photo of the Dry Valleys

  • Visit the official website at the for the Dry Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER). They are also hosting the 77DegreeSouth website

  • The National Science Foundation is sponsoring the Dry Valleys’ long-term ecological research project - or LTER.

  • The McMurdo Dry Valleys Schoolyard Long-Term Ecological Research web site.

  • Each year the National Science Foundation sponsors the Teachers' Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic or TEA program. Secondary and junior high school teachers from all over the United States head towards the poles where they join research teams, do science, and post reports for students at home. You can check out the action at the TEA home page
  • During the 2002/2003 field season, two teachers were based in the Dry Valleys:

    • Naperville, Illinois junior high school teacher Louise Huffman was a TEA with the 2002/2003 Dry Valleys' Stream Team, headed by Dr. Diane McKnight. Check out Louise's website.

    • Rockland, Massachusetts curriculum coordinator MaryAnn DeMello was a TEA with a joint U.S./New Zealand team headed by Drs. Brenda Hall and Chris Hendy. Her team was doing lake coring. Check out Mary Ann's reports

    • This coming season Rye, New Hampshire junior high school teacher, Robin Ellwood will join LTER principal investigator Dr. Peter Doran's group and study paleoclimatology. Visit Robin's web site