Diadesmis latestriata

Taxon ID: 136
Author: Van de Vijver, Ledeganck & Beyens    



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Observations: Bart Van de Vijver
Length: 11-22µm
Width: 2-3,5µm
Striae: 24-30 striae in 10µm


Valves linear with weakly undulating margins and protracted ends (L 11-22µm, W 2-3,5µm, 24-30 striae in 10µm). Axial area narrow, linear and clearly raised. Central area elliptical, transapically elongated. Raphe filiform with weakly expanded central and terminal pores. Transapical striae parallel to slightly radiate, located in two depressed areas between raised valve margins and raised axial area, consisting of elongated foramina.

Morphology: Naviculoid




Rarely found in soil samples. The highest abundance was reached in soil sample BA096 (17%), taken from a small shallow cave (bare soil).Described from Ile de la Possession, so far not found on other Subantarctic Islands.



Other sites with Diadesmis latestriata

  • Ile de la Possession (moist habitats), Crozet Archipelago

Original Type Description

Author: Van de Vijver, Ledeganck & Beyens
Length: 11-22µm
Width: 2-3,5µm
Striae: 24-30 striae in 10µm

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