Cyclotella meneghiniana

Taxon ID: 126
Author: Kützing 1991   
Synonym: Cyclotella kützingiana



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Observations: Bart Van de Vijver
Length: diameter 10-25µm
Striae: 6-9 striae in 10µm


Cells drum-shaped. Valves circular (Diameter 10-25µm). Marginal area with large striae (6-9 in 10µm), larger near the valve margin than near the valve center. Valve center without striation pattern. Instead, several (variable number) large fultoportulae are present. Short spines present near the valve margins.

Morphology: Centric




Found twice on Ile de la Possession, once in a fairly large but shallow lake with high pH and conductivity values. The lake was influenced by the presence of a Macaroni penguin rookery, that enriched the lake (PO4 concentration: 195,00mg/l!). The second location was a small pool, influenced by elephant seals. The chemical analysis of the water showed similar values.Antarctic Continent (Fukushima 1962), Kerguelen (Le Cohu & Maillard 1986, Van de Vijver et al. 2001), Antarctic Peninsula (Izaguirre et al. 1993, Vinocur & Pizarro 1995, Vinocur & Izaguirre 1994, Izaguirre et al. 1998), South Shetland Islands (Vinocur & Unrein 2000).This is the only typical planktonic taxon that has been reported from Ile de la Possession. This lack of diatom plankton in the Subantarctic Region has been found before (Le Cohu & Maillard 1986, Jones 1996, Van de Vijver & Beyens 1999) but so far, no clear explanation could be given for this phenomenon.



Other sites with Cyclotella meneghiniana

  • Ile de la Possession (moist habitats), Crozet Archipelago

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Author: Kützing 1991

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