Staurosira martyi

Taxon ID: 265
Author: Héribaud    
Synonym: Opephora martyi, Fragilaria martyi, Martyana martyi



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Observations: Bart Van de Vijver
Length: 13-25µm
Width: 5,5-7,5µm
Striae: 8-9 striae in 10µm


Valves heteropolar, clavate (L 13-25µm, W 5,5-7,5µm, 8-9 striae in 10µm) occasionally with depression at the head pole. Head pole broadly rounded, footh pole slightly rostrate. Axial area distinct (narrow to broadly lanceolate). Striae are uniseriate, composed of slit-like areolae, located in shallow depressions, uninterruptedly continuing on the valve face. Marginal spines on every observed specimen, placed on the interstriae. Apical porefields at both ends, consisting of several parallel rows of poroids. Head pole porefield always smaller to hardly undetectable. No rimoportula observed. Girdle structure not examined.

Morphology: Araphid




Rare on Ile de la Possession. Observed only in three small lakes, two in the Vallée des Géants with pH 7-7,5 and specific conductance 1730-2090µS/cm (samples BW210, BW216) and one on La Grande Coulée with pH 8,3 and a specific conductance of 1472µS (BW254). All lakes were influenced by birds (Giant Petrels) and seaspray.Kerguelen (Bourrelly & Manguin 1954, Larson 1974), Macquarie Island (Bunt 1954), South Orkney Islands (Oppenheim & Ellis-Evans 1989, Oppenheim 1990, Oppenheim & Greenwood 1990).



Other sites with Staurosira martyi

  • Ile de la Possession (moist habitats), Crozet Archipelago

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Author: Héribaud

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New combination

Author: Lange-Bertalot



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