Psammothidium papilio

Taxon ID: 4
Author: Kellogg et al. 1980   
Basionym: Navicula papilio
Synonym: Psammothidium chlidanos, Achnanthes childanos (p)



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Observations: Tyler Kohler
Length: 10.8-17.4 µm
Width: 4.0-5.8 µm
Striae: 22-30 in 10 µm at the center; 26-32 in 10 µm at the ends


Valve elliptical lanceolate with broadly rounded ends.  Central area varying from rectangular to an acute angled oval.  Raphe simple and straight; slightly narrowed at the distal ends.  Striae radiate throughout, becoming more finely spaced toward the apices. Morphology of the pseudo raphe valve is similar to that of the raphe valve in shape and striae pattern, although the striae appear to be more finely spaced on the pseudo raphe valve.

Morphology: Monoraphid
Distribution: Antarctic endemic




This taxon (TAXON ID 4) was previously shown under the names Achnanthes chlidanos, then Psammothidium chlidanos in this website. Although the page acknowledged the taxon, Navicula papilio, it was not until October 2012 that the name was updated to Psammothidium papilio based on Kopalová et al. (2012).


McMurdo Dry Valleys Waterbodies with Psammothidium papilio

  • Adams Stream
  • Aiken Creek
  • Bohner Stream
  • Bowles Creek
  • Canada Glacier
  • Canada Stream
  • Commonwealth Glacier
  • Commonwealth Stream
  • Delta Stream
  • Green Creek
  • Harnish Creek Tributary
  • Huey Creek
  • Hughes Glacier Pond
  • Lake Fryxell
  • Lawson Creek
  • Lost Seal Stream
  • Many Glaciers Pond
  • McKay Creek
  • Miers Stream
  • Onyx River
  • Picture Pond
  • Pond South of Nussbaum Riegel
  • Priscu Stream
  • Spaulding Pond
  • Von Guerard Stream
  • Wharton Creek

Original Type Description

Author: Kellogg et al. 1980
Length: 11
Width: 5
Striae: 20

Original Description:

Navicula parvissima; valvis elongato-ovalibus; striis ca. 22 in 10 um, radiatis circum polis sed rectis in parte mediana; platea axialis angusta sed 3 striae centrales ad alteram partem et 2 ad alteram partem abbreviatae ira facientes plateam centralem latam et stauroneiformem. Long. ca. 11-14 um; lat. ca. 4.5-5 um. Extremely small Navicula; valves are elongated ovals; striae about 22 in 10 um, radiating near the poles but straight in the central portion; axial area narrow but the central three striae on one side and two on the other side are shortened, forming a broad stauroneiform fascia in the central area. Length about 13 um; width about 5 um. Taylor Valley, Antarctica


New combination

Author: Van de Vijver & Kopalová 2012



Index Nominum Algarum (INA):

  • Original
  • New Combination
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Publications (by year):

  • Kellogg et al. 1980 pg. 183, plate I, Fig. 15; plate II, Fig. 3 [citation 64(140)]
  • Kopalová et al. 2012 p.15 [citation 140(139)]

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