Chamaepinnularia australomediacris

Taxon ID: 280
Author: Lange-Bertalot & Schmidt 1990   
Basionym: Navicula australomediacris



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Observations: Bart Van de Vijver
Length: 8-15µm
Width: 3-4µm
Striae: 24-30 striae in 10µm


Valves linear-elliptical with obtusely rounded apices (L 8-15µm, W 3-4µm, 24 30 striae in 10µm). Axial area linear, narrow, widening towards the central area. Central area forming a broad fascia. One or two shortened striae sometimes present in the middle. Raphe filiform, straight. Central endings weakly deflected with rounded central pores. Terminal fissures hooked. Transapical striae parallel to weakly radiate, convergent towards the poles.

Morphology: Naviculoid




Common in soils, mosses, lakes and rivers. Seems to prefer lakes with more circumneutral conditions with lower to moderate specific conductance values although the taxon has also been found in rivers. Present in wet mosses and relatively wet (50-70%) soils with lower nutrient values.King George Island (Schmidt et al. 1990), South Orkney Islands (Jones et al. 1993, Håkansson & Jones 1994, Jones & Juggings 1995), South Shetland Islands (Håkansson & Jones 1994), South Georgia (Van de Vijver & Beyens 1996, 1997a).Based on all characters, this taxon clearly belongs to the genus Chamaepinnularia.



Other sites with Chamaepinnularia australomediacris

  • Ile de la Possession (moist habitats), Crozet Archipelago

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Author: Lange-Bertalot & Schmidt 1990

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