Nitzschia palea

Taxon ID: 208
Author: Kützing    



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Observations: Bart Van de Vijver
Length: 20-45µm
Width: 2,5-4µm
Striae: 12-16 fibulae in 10µm


Valves linear-lanceolate, lanceolate in larger valves with apiculate, rounded ends (L 20-45µm, W 2,5-4µm, 12-16 fibulae in 10µm). Raphe keel with irregularly placed fibulae, the two in the middle not significantly more spaced than the others. Transapical striae only resolvable in some populations (± 35 in 10µm).

Morphology: Nitzschioid




Common in both freshwater and moss samples. Rare in soil samples. Prefers wet mosses (mean F-value 3,5 ± 1,3). Present in a wide range of water types (from brooklets to large lakes) with pH varying from 5,6 to 7,2 and relatively low specific conductance values (<200µS/cm). Nutrient and salinity levels always low.South Shetland Islands (Björck et al. 1993), Campbell Island (Hickman & Vitt 1973), South Orkney Islands (Oppenheim & Greenwood 1990, Jones 1995), Antarctic Continent ( Karasawa & Fukushima 1977), South Georgia (Van de Vijver & Beyens 1996, 1997a), Kerguelen (Le Cohu & Maillard 1986).



Other sites with Nitzschia palea

  • Ile de la Possession (moist habitats), Crozet Archipelago

Original Type Description

Author: Kützing

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New combination

Author: W. Smith 1988



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