Morphotype 2 cf. F. cap. var. rumpens

Taxon ID: 152
Author: Kützing    
Synonym: Synedra rumpens, Synedra rumpens var. familiaris



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Observations: Bart Van de Vijver
Length: 25-53µm
Width: 3,3-4,6µm


Valves linear-lanceolate with (sub-)capitate ends. Morphotype intermediate between 1 & 3 (L 25-53µm (mean 45), W 3,3-4,6µm (mean 3,9), mean L/W ratio 12). Central area characterized by a (rarely asymmetrical) swelling.

Morphology: Araphid




Quite common mostly in standing waterbodies where it can dominate the entire diatom flora. pH-optimum in freshwater habitats 7,2. In moss habitats, preference for wet mosses (optimal F-value III). Less abundant in soils.South Orkney Islands (Jones 1993, Jones & Juggings 1995, Jones et al. 1993, Oppenheim 1990, Oppenheim & Greenwood 1990), Crozet (Pierre 1977), Kerguelen (Le Cohu & Maillard 1986, Van de Vijver et al. 1998a, 2001), South Shetland Islands (Kawecka et al. 1998), Macquarie Island (Evans 1970, McBride et al. 1999).Highly variable morphotype (even if only the central area is investigated) that might be split into several different morphotypes, but at this stage of the study, no clear difference was found between the different valves.



Other sites with Morphotype 2 cf. F. cap. var. rumpens

  • Ile de la Possession (moist habitats), Crozet Archipelago

Original Type Description

Author: Kützing

Original Description:


New combination

Author: Lange-Bertalot 1991



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