Luticola murrayi

Taxon ID: 39
Author: West & West 1911   
Basionym: Navicula murrayi



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Observations: Sarah Spaulding and Rhea Esposito
Length: 22-37 µm
Width: 7-8 µm


Morphology: Naviculoid
Distribution: Antarctic endemic




West and West (1911) describeded this taxon from pond and moraines sites near their camp at Cape Royds on Ross Island. They noted the single stigma and shorter striae that border the central area as well as finer striae (14 in 10 µm compared to 9 in 10 µm). The striations are also radiate throughout, and never transverse at the poles. The poles are very slightly dilated.


McMurdo Dry Valleys Waterbodies with Luticola murrayi

  • Aiken Creek
  • Blue Lake
  • Bowles Creek
  • Canada Stream
  • Coast Lake
  • Delta Stream
  • Green Creek
  • Green Lake
  • Harnish Creek Tributary
  • Huey Creek
  • Lyons Tributary (Mason?)
  • Picture Pond
  • Pond by Clear Lake
  • Pond North of Rookery
  • Pony Lake
  • Von Guerard Stream
  • Wales Stream
  • Wharton Creek

Original Type Description

Author: West & West 1911
Length: 45 µm
Width: 11.5 µm
Striae: 14 in 10 µm

Original Description:

N. parva, valvis lineari-ellipticis, diametro circiter 4-plo longioribus, polis obtusis lævissime dilatatis, platea centrali transverse expansa, marginem utrinque pæne attingente, cum puncta solitaria asymmetrica, platea axiali angusta, stiis 14 in 10 µm, punctulatis, in toto radiatis. in parte mediana 4 (circ.) utrobique multe brevioribus. Long. 45 µm lat 11.5 µm


New combination

Author: Mann, D.G. 1990



Index Nominum Algarum (INA):

  • Original
  • New Combination
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Publications (by year):

  • West and West 1911. Brit. Antarct. Exped. 1: 285, pl. 26, fig. 129. [citation 124(109)]
  • Mann 1990. In Round et al., The Diatoms, pg 671. [citation 104(89)]

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