Luticola mcknightiae

Taxon ID: 44
Author: Kohler et al. 2015   
Basionym: Navicula muticopsis fo. evoluta
Synonym: L. muticopsis fo. evoluta (p)



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Observations: Sarah Spaulding and Rhea Esposito
Length: 12-23 µm
Width: 7-10 µm
Striae: 15-18 in 10 µm


Valves with subparallel lateral margins. Rostrate ends. Axial area narrow.  Central area an acute-angled sub-fascia, usually with a single row of poroids around the outer edge.  A solitary stigma present.  Raphe straight; median and terminal raphe endings unilaterally hooked in the opposite direction of the stigma.  Striae radiate throughout, consisting of 3-4 distinct puncta except in the median portion of the valve and at the poles.

Morphology: Naviculoid
Distribution: Antarctic endemic




This form can be separated from the nominate variety by its smaller and more elliptically shaped valve and by its acute-angled sub-fascia.  This species was transferred from the genus Navicula to the genus Luticola by Round et al. (1990) based upon raphe, punctate striae, and unique stigma.


McMurdo Dry Valleys Waterbodies with Luticola mcknightiae

  • Adams Stream
  • Aiken Creek
  • Blue Lake
  • Bohner Stream
  • Bowles Creek
  • Canada Stream
  • Clear Lake
  • Commonwealth Stream
  • Delta Stream
  • Garwood Stream
  • Green Creek
  • Harnish Creek
  • Harnish Creek Tributary
  • Huey Creek
  • Lawson Creek
  • Little Sharpe
  • Lost Seal Stream
  • Lyons Tributary (Mason?)
  • McKay Creek
  • McMurdo Hut Ridge
  • Miers Stream
  • Onyx River
  • Picture Pond
  • Pond South of Nussbaum Riegel
  • Priscu Stream
  • Spaulding Pond
  • Taylor Glacier
  • Upland Pond
  • Von Guerard Stream
  • Wharton Creek
  • Wormherder Creek

Original Type Description

Author: Kohler et al. 2015

Original Description:


New combination

Author: Mann, D.G. 1990



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